Remant Globe Logistics and Steelduxx jointly established REKUPP

    Remant Globe Logistics and Steelduxx are the joint founders of REKUPP. A niche forwarder for the recycling industry, REKUPP offers logistics solutions for the circular and recyclable flows of goods.

    REKUPP will fully focus on the transport of recyclable materials and reusable raw materials. Both Remant Globe Logistics and Steelduxx (through the acquisition of Sermar) have years of experience in this niche and have developed an extensive customer portfolio. Thanks to this partnership, the specialists of both companies will be able to further focus their efforts in this area. No strangers to each other, both companies have been collaborating successfully for years.

    Filip Adam, Director of Remant Globe Logistics & REKUPP Partner: ‘The growing awareness of the conscious use of raw materials, the increasing number of innovative applications for recycling, and the economic interest all make the REKUPP team very enthusiastic about putting its full weight behind this project.’

    Geoffrey Van Dyck, Steelduxx Partner & REKUPP Partner: ‘With effect from 14 June 2021, REKUPP will operate as an independent brand under the umbrella of Steelduxx and Remant Globe Logistics. The team consists of employees from both companies, providing around ten experts. We have taken up residence in one of the beautiful warehouses on the Godefriduskaai on the Island in Antwerp.’

    Filip Adam adds: ‘In the initial phase, REKUPP will focus on the maritime forwarding of reusable materials, such as paper, textile, metal and plastics. But we can also transport other products which, thanks to recycling, contribute to sustainable solutions. Our services can encompass European as well as global destinations. The forwarding of recovered materials requires special expertise and the knowledge of regulations in the countries of origin as well as at the destination. With our years of experience, REKUPP’s customers can be sure of receiving this expertise.’

    Geoffrey Van Dyck: ‘In Remant Group and Steelduxx, REKUPP has the support of two solid and innovative logistics experts. In combination with an international network of permanent partners and an extensive customer portfolio, this gives the REKUPP team every confidence in a successful future.’

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