Remant Globe Logistics ships artistic container for charity

    Remant Globe Logistics is shipping the unique ‘Dazzle Creature’ container, an initiative by supplier Boxpo-ACB Group to draw attention to the goal of the project ‘pakjevanjehart’ from the Belgian radio station Joe FM. The container departs on Sunday, May 9, with a cargo destined for South Africa.

    A journey with a purpose

    From January 2024 to November 2024, the Dazzle Creature will be used as a regular container to as many destinations as possible. By the end of 2024, it will be cut to pieces and sold during a public auction. The proceeds will go to ‘pakjevanjehart’ from Joe FM, an initiative supporting families in poverty so their children will receive gifts during the holidays.

    Art with a nod to the past of maritime trade
    Graphic artist Edouard Schneider transformed the dry container into a work of art. He drew inspiration from the ‘Dazzle camouflage’ used by merchant ships during World War I. This technique was applied to reduce the visibility of the vessels and protect them from attacks. This unique artwork is recorded in a digital non-fungible token (“NFT”) and stored on a blockchain.

    Remant Globe Logistics books round-trip Dazzle container

    “As a project partner, Remant Globe Logistics has booked this container and will guide the Dazzle on his next journey. Its destination this time is Durban, South Africa. The Dazzle Creature is transporting Belgotex Group’s yarn. The container will be immediately reloaded with finished products in South Africa and return to Antwerp to enter the Belgian market. Remant Globe Logistics actively engages with all its stakeholders to reduce the carbon footprint of overseas transport, among other things, by reusing containers,” says Filip Adam, director of Remant Globe Logistics.

    The journey of the container
    The container is equipped with a track and trace and labeled with a QR code, allowing people to follow the journey, the container’s location, and the cargo’s story.

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