Wherever you go, we’ve got it covered

Global service, local satisfaction

Remant Globe Logistics is your expert in worldwide cross trades. We select overseas partners carefully in order to ensure a match with our DNA. Our network of partners means we have eyes and ears we need in all corners of the world.

At Remant Globe Logistics, we don’t just use agents. Instead, we have partners who we know personally and who we visit on a regular basis. Trust is the basis on which we develop our long-term partnerships, helping us ensure smooth cooperation on your transport needs.

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Tailor-made & customer-oriented

Remant Globe Logistics develops tailor-made solutions to suit your transport requirements. We listen to your logistics needs!

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Door-to-door logistics

Remant Globe Logistics invests heavily in turnkey projects and organises door-to-door transportation from and to all of the Earth’s continents on a daily basis.

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People-driven, system controlled

Thanks to our system integrations, our teams can give their full concentration to delivering the right freight forwarding solution for your project. The enormous time gains enabled by this integration means our Transport Architects can ensure smooth follow-up and communication.

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