Natural & industrial liquids

    A smooth service for your delicate transport

    From oils to lubricants, compound to master batch, beverages to chemicals, and whether dangerous or not: your liquids are in good hands with Remant Globe Logistics. Bottles, barrels, flexi-bags, tanks or drums – we know how it runs.

    Our fields of expertise

    Steel products

    Steel isn’t just steel. We offer expertise in the shipment of containers, special equipment, and breakbulk for your steel transport – from ultra-thin steel fibers to heavy-duty steel plates, beams, and coils.

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    Steel isn't just steel

    High-tech industry

    From a worldwide pick-up service for your high-tech machinery to delivery at the final jobsite, your valuable shipments deserve our care and expertise.

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    Exceptional transports boost our job satisfaction

    Industrial fabrics

    Every fibre of our DNA is focused on your logistic challenges.

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    From natural resource to high-end finished product

    Animal feed & additives

    Remant Globe Logistics organises the import and export of vitamines and export of finished products ranging from ready-to-eat animal feed to high-value feed additives.

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    Your quality, our concern

    Plastics and rubbers

    We offer the flexibility needed in this fast-moving, fast-growing trading market of plastics and rubbers.

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    Trading moves in mysterious ways