Colleague Nils participated in the half triathlon of Finland

    End of June, our colleague Nils participated in half a triathlon in Finland. His experience:

    “Two years ago I started training for a triathlon, a challenge that combines swimming, cycling and running. Especially the variation in this sports competition attracted me. After 1,5 year of training, I decided to participate in my first half triathlon, which was organised in Finland. The challenge consisted of 1,9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km running. It was a beautiful trail in the middle of blooming nature: swimming in a big lake, cycling across the rolling Finnish landscape and finishing with an evening run along the water. Thanks to the midsummer period, it remained fading until after midnight, which made the competition a very unique experience. Because of the erratic weather conditions in Finland, we also had to deal with some rain across the trail. I was well prepared, which gave me enough energy to make a mad dash at the end of the competition. I finished after 5 hours and 17 minutes. I’m already looking forward to the next challenge!”

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