Transport Architect

“When I applied for a job at Remant, I didn’t know what to expect. Ever since I graduated, I have been working for one of the biggest players in our sector for 11 years in a row. Right from the moment I met the people of Remant Globe Logistics, I knew once again why I had ever chosen to work in logistics: to work with a team of friends to take up the everyday challenges of our customers!

For me it’s extremely motivating to be a part of a team that works as one after a period where it was every man for himself. The difference in dynamics is also remarkable when I look back on the Kafkaesque way I had to deal with administratively. Where I was used to the fact that numbers and politics were more important than the people who worked there, I have seen a whole new world at Remant. Here, the team is the most important feature of the company and everyone, including our customers as well as our suppliers, feels the benefits of this collaboration!“

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